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A Weird Dream ~Friends Betrayal~ - concealed_blue
A Weird Dream ~Friends Betrayal~
*if wakaba_doll is reading this: sorry wakaba_doll, I know I said I didn't have time to say many words but I just couldn't help it. o_0 lolz*
Today was a considerable (but not special) day. I went to uni more than 1 hour late and was still permitted to do a 20-question test that was meant for the beginning of the lesson. I felt relieved that I didn't lose the 10% that it was worth. This subject deals with production skills and the big assignment this term is to make a website. {I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MAKING WEBSITES!!!} For the past few weeks, I've been thinking, I can't possibly think that I'm going to survive this term with my lack of website-making skills and all. Even, if it took me until the very last minute to finish this website, I would have nothing but a palette of trash for a website. Luckily today, I received a healthy dose of hope as my tutor and my close friend helped me to execute some vital things in DreamWeaver and Photoshop that benefited me immensely towards a better sense of security in regards to my possible completion of this website. Furthermore, that same friend and another friend were quite pleased with a group summary that we needed to hand in that was 3000 words (11 pages) long [which I spent most of the night doing] which I wrote and gave them both a copy - [ I know it's group work but I thought they had already contributed a lot to the research plus I had promised them I would do it for them and I always keep my word ~_0. ]

Anyway, on to the dream. Last night, well probably sometime in the day cos I barely get the opportunity to sleep at night, I dreamt the weirdest dream. I normally don't remember my dreams so clearly but here's how it went:

Silence. I was at my house. My interaction with life involved nothing but my leering into the crystal panes of the clear window of my living room. I was alone. Hallways of hollow emptiness and chilling drops of coldness surrounded my prescence. I wasn't expecting anything to happen, nor expecting myself to move from the stance of nothingness that I was apparently possessing. My eyes just glared out the window, with a glint of hope, that maybe something special was going to happen soon, to enlighten and invigorate my life.

Knock, knock.
                                   Suddenly~ someone was at my front door.
                                                                         I broke away from a haunting realm, and leapt to the door.

I placed my eye to the keyhole to see who it was but before my eye even brushed against the metallic rims of the keyhole, someone thrusted the door open. It was my two best friends who I've known for more than 6 years (in real life). I haven't seen them in 5 months (in real life also) and was thinking that they had forgotten me. It was weird because my two best friends weren't themselves close to each other so it was really amazing for them to surprise me by coming together.

I approached them with open arms welcoming them to my humble abode but alas, they refused to immerse themselves in friendly contact with me. Instead, they looked devious and cunning and proceeded to hand me some sheets of paper. I was confused and bummed out. They told me that the sheets of paper were their big assignments for their current uni term. They wanted me to complete it for them and expected me to get High Distinctions for them. They offered me no money, no respect, or even a redemption of our long friendships. I said "dudes, what is this? you came here just to give me these?" They left quickly saying that their lives were on the line if I didn't complete the assignments for them. I was pierced with a mellow feeling of torment. I thought I had lost my best friends. I took their sheets of paper but I just held them, as I squatted in front of those same crystal panes I was leering into earlier. A drop of melancholy fell from my eye, lifelessly, onto one of the pieces of paper. I was frozen again, in a realm of nothingness, only this time I wasn't empty anymore, I was smothered with grief, as if I'd lost someone close.

Then, I woke up. Thankfully, none of that was true and I still remain close friends with those mentioned people. But I'm beginning to think that the thought of all these assignments has really affected me psychologically, impacting on my dreams and such. I think that this is quite unhealthy. Oh well. Anyway, gotta get back to my assignments once again. Well, on the bright side...at least I don't have to do those big assignments I was asked to do in my dream too lol~.

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From: pinkberrycake Date: April 26th, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hm... It's interesting that you had that dream and then today you did that group work for those 2 friends. I'm one of those crazy people who actually believe dreams tell you something, so I'd be careful of those friends you did the work for ~ It sounds like your dream is telling you to be careful of people who will take advantage of you XD
concealed_blue From: concealed_blue Date: May 3rd, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC) (Link)


Hey~~ Sorry to reply so late to your comment...

Yeah, I reckon dreams tell you something too haha, I even gave a speech on it last Friday...lolz. I really hate to disagree, but I don't think my friends were trying to take advantage of me, they're actually quite loyal and compassionate. They asked me many times if I needed them to help on the assignment but I kept refusing. I refused only because I knew it was a one-off thing and because it was hard for us to get together (at a time when we had stacks of assignments) and complete the assignment with equal contribution.

Instead, I thought that the two friends that were in my dream did actually represent who they were in real life, and that they were what my mind had manifested them to be (out of fear) should I happen to leave our friendships idle for any longer (eg. [in my situation] not keeping in contact with them, etc).
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