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A Weird Dream ~Friends Betrayal~ - concealed_blue
A Weird Dream ~Friends Betrayal~
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concealed_blue From: concealed_blue Date: May 3rd, 2007 04:33 pm (UTC) (Link)


Hey~~ Sorry to reply so late to your comment...

Yeah, I reckon dreams tell you something too haha, I even gave a speech on it last Friday...lolz. I really hate to disagree, but I don't think my friends were trying to take advantage of me, they're actually quite loyal and compassionate. They asked me many times if I needed them to help on the assignment but I kept refusing. I refused only because I knew it was a one-off thing and because it was hard for us to get together (at a time when we had stacks of assignments) and complete the assignment with equal contribution.

Instead, I thought that the two friends that were in my dream did actually represent who they were in real life, and that they were what my mind had manifested them to be (out of fear) should I happen to leave our friendships idle for any longer (eg. [in my situation] not keeping in contact with them, etc).
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