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Juri Ueno's 21st Birthday - concealed_blue
Juri Ueno's 21st Birthday
Since my life is pretty uneventful at the moment, I wanted to dedicate this post to saying happy birthday to Juri Ueno, who turned 21 yesterday: Friday the 25th. So yeah, Happy Birthday Juri Ueno!!! xD

I first saw her in 'Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi' (Angels Without Wings) and thought she was a brilliant actress. She seemed different from all the other actresses because she wasn't trying to be pretty or anything (not that there's anything wrong with just being pretty)...she was just being herself and acting her part to the best of her ability, which in my opinion was quite excellent. In the mentioned TV drama, she is addicted to playing Pachinko (slot machines) and makes a living out of it. However when her boyfriend suddenly disappears, he leaves her with a little innocent boy whom, at first, she refuses (with great repulsion) to take care of. The rest of the story is pretty straightforward but she never stops, even in her most vulnerable moment when she nearly cries for the boy, to articulately display her roughness and ruthlessness in a most convincing delivery. What's funny is that the personality she portrays is like the complete opposite of her real self. It's amazing how diverse she can be.

I really hope I can get to see her 'Nodame Cantabile' drama one day. Being a musician myself, I really appreciate and admire her musical ability displayed in that drama. It will take so long to DL though, the files for each episode are almost one gig and I'm severely running out of HD space. What I respect most about her I would have to say, is her 'down-to-earthedness', on and off screen.

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