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『ReInVENTioN = ( ! __ ! ) 』 - concealed_blue
『ReInVENTioN = ( ! __ ! ) 』

To the other side of the screen, whether it be a human viewing this somewhere else (if this gets read by someone real) or just my own computer's digital insides (if no-one reads it except my computer's processor and memory).....

~ Hello - and welcome to the reinvention of this journal.

I have had nearly 11 months off from not saying anything on this LJ and have decided to restart it today, for no real, justified reason.

It really is the most unjustified thing I've, probably, ever done.

I just thought, hmmm, I feel happier than usual, so I'll post in LJ even though I haven't touched it for nearly a year.

I don't how happiness resolves the equation, as I have minimal experience with it.

It just happened...like ^that^

Ever Since:

All I know is that 1 of the only people that interacted with me has now changed their name and left me out of their friends list. Which means, probably no-one will read this. That's fine though - I'm not angry.

However, I am not writing this journal for anybody else anymore. At least, not consciously. If it affects other people or makes them like my writing, then that's all cool, but it's not intentional. Rather, I just want to write (from now on) to fulfill my mind's need to let out certain fragments of thought - whether it be philosophical, or superficial (shallow observations, brash rationalisations or trivial conclusions); long or short.

On anime, I just finished dxxnlxxding ARIA the NATURAL 26 episodes. Guess how long it took? Collectively - 7 months!! (cos I don't always open it's txxrent as it takes up a lot of HD space and I never leave the computer on when I'm not around - cos it wastes my superior's money). It took about 5% of my HD. It was well worth the wait though, I watched some of the 1st season a couple of weeks ago and I firmly established, with invisible evidence, that I admire it to death. Even though it has drawings and conventions that are very similar to most mainstream anime, the way it executes its story is so gentle and so in-line with my light side that I seem to enter a tiny little world of itself whenever I watch it. Very innocent and utterly unique - if only more anime was made like this.

On love, I don't know what it is. I don't care for what it is. I don't care about what I think it is. Not for now, at least. Not when I have work to do and not when I can't figure out myself. I at least have to be physically and psychologically healthy to think about this word, but I am nowhere near that stage.

On philosophies, I have a lot of them but I can't remember a lot of them. I hope to write some in this journal. I don't want to write them pretentiously either, so some may have to be multi-pooly edited before it gets published.


I just want to say that I probably won't update often. Therefore catering to my central ideas conveyed previously - to be selfish and only post when I want to and about things I like. I am living through a foggy superhighway of work right now (at uni) during my last 4 weeks of my uni 1st year so please understand if there is a lack of updates. I will try to write some reviews of movies and music in the next few entries, as well as provide some philosophies. Actually, they're just some vague ideas I have that I reckon will make some people agree, or criticise, or at least want to discuss. It's a bit ambitious of me to call them philosophies, I'm nowhere near that smart or professional.

Well, bye for now to whoever is viewing this - digital or physical.


Oh, by the way - please look forward to my next entry entitled 'Popularisation' (forgive the spelling, I'm not American; I'm from another English-speaking country that uses 's' intead of 'z' in such words).

It's philosophical (or at least idea-based).

It's about fan-made sites popularising people and media objects subconsciously and, sometimes (questionably), unnecessarily.

Thanks for reading this large piece of information,

Bye again. :)

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